A Guide to Playing Mobile Slot Games

Slots are fun and exciting so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular games around. What you might not know is how much they have changed since 1887, when the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey. It was a 3-reel, single payline machine, operated by a long lever and was known as the ‘one-armed bandit’. It could only be played inside a casino, but that changed in 1994, when the first free casino online was launched and anyone with a computer and an Internet connection could play. Now, we’re talking about mobile slots! These turned up around a decade later – great news for us slots fans!

Choosing Where to Play Slots

Slots games are so thrilling that we often just want to jump right in. But it’s worth it to take the time and look for slot apps that offer a gaming experience that is above the rest. These apps have slot games that are made especially for mobile devices, so that you’ll have the greatest, most realistic time spinning ever! Also, you want to choose a slots app that’s packed with game options and exciting features to discover. House of Fun, for example, offers games with every theme imaginable. From Ancient Egypt and Vegas slots to nature and fantasy, they’ve got it all! And the games offer many rare features, like bonus meters, rapid fire jackpots and mini picking games that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Going Mobile

Being able to play the best slots games on the go is a blast, but before you start, you need to know which mobile device is supported. Most mobile slot games are available via iOS or Android apps, but some games may be compatible with Windows or Blackberry as well. This is great news as it gives you a wide range of options. You could play via a smartphone or tablet, the main difference being in the size of the screen. The big screen of a tablet is perfect for the images and features of the game, but for some people, mobility is more important and so a smartphone might be the best choice.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Playing on Your Mobile

Spin away, but remember these…


  • Use WiFi when playing mobile slot games. You can use your Internet data plan as long as you have a high enough data cap per month, but if you’re using WiFi, you won’t run out of data or find yourself with any extra charges from your mobile provider. Play with hours of unlimited fun.
  • Understand how to win jackpots before you begin. A progressive jackpot or Rapid Fire game boasts life-changing jackpots, but you must be eligible for the jackpot to have a chance at winning it. Read the rules of the game in the paytable just to be sure. There is nothing worse than hitting the jackpot, but not being eligible to win it!
  • Have fun! It’s the reason why you’re spinning, so make it your number one priority!


  • Chase losses. This means that you should have a limit of how much you can lose each time you play. And if you’re losing, it’s better to stop and come back to play another day.
  • Play without understanding the game. Most slots games are simple to understand, but some have jackpots or bonus games that you need to be eligible for in order to win. Make sure you know all of this before you start, to give yourself the best chance to spin up wins.

Final Thoughts

Slots have certainly come a long way, haven’t they? Check out House of Fun’s mobile slots app, play hundreds of games and get the best coin deals around. In fact, taking a break from your daily routine is just a tap away. Spinning the reels has never been so simple, so collect your free coins now and join the FUN!

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