HOF Behind the Scenes – Meet Leon

Take a peek behind the scenes at House of Fun and meet some of our most skilled Account ‘Magicians’ who make magic happen for our players:



Name, age, location?

Leon Tudor, 32, Bucharest

Personal Motto?

Challenge any idea! Conflict generates progress!

Why Account Manager?

The Universe works in mysterious ways. There must be a reason out there…I just have to find it! 😉

Still, I’m inclined to ‘blame’ it partly on my communication skills…

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

The fact that I. AM. THE. BEST. …EVER 

How do you spend most of your time?

Working, driving to and from work and with the wife and dog, Noah (LOL…Leon has a weird sense of humor)

What do you love the most about House of Fun?

Freedom of expression…

Any wise words you want to share?

You are the center and generator of your own Universe! Anything else is just… stardust.

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