How Mobile Slot Machines Work

Slot games started out as big machines with drums that spun symbols around when people pulled a long lever. These one-arm bandits couldn’t be further from how the games that you know and love, work today. Today’s slot games can be found online or via slot apps, just like the games you can find at House of Fun. These work with a click of the mouse or a swipe and tap of the smartphone screen and you certainly can’t see drums of the reels spinning around. Of course, there is plenty going on behind the scenes to make sure that you can enjoy a fun and exciting game with great sound effects and graphics, unique features and mini games and even progressive jackpots. Here we’ll look at the guts of the mobile and online slot machines that we have all grown to love in order to understand how they are designed and how they work.

The Ins and Outs of Video Slots

When slot games first moved online in the 1990s, people were nervous of a game where they couldn’t see the actual reels spinning. But, the way that these games work has proved to players that they are not only fun, but fair and reliable.

The most important part of the way that video slot games work is the Random Number Generator (RNG) and here’s where it gets a bit technical. The RNG produces a constantly random sequence of numbers. When you click spin, that sequence will stop, telling the symbols where to land. This means that the symbols will land in a random way every time you spin.

How is the Random Number Generator Random?

The RNG does not have a memory so it can’t remember if you’ve won or lost in the past and it can’t remember how the symbols landed on the reels on past spins. It works with a mathematical equation, but the results are not pre-programmed.

The RNG is constantly producing numbers so that each time you press the Spin button, the sequence will be different. In other words, no 2 spins will be the same, giving you a unique playing experience every time you sit down to play!

How Does a Slots Game Work?

The RNG is the guts of the slot machine; it’s behind the scenes and we don’t see it. Let’s take a look now at the parts of the slot games that we do see.

  • Reels – There are slot games that aim for a more authentic look and feel and these have 3 reels, similar to the original land-based machines. These are known as classic slots or fruit machines. More common are the video slots and these generally have 5 reels, although you may find games with 6 reels. These are the types of games you will find at House of Fun.
  • Paylines – This describes how many lines of combinations of symbols there are in the game and also explains how many chances you have to win as you play. Video slots games generally have between 5 and 50 paylines, but there are games with more. You can choose how many paylines you want to play and this will affect the size of your bet. You will only be paid out for combinations that land on active paylines so the more paylines you bet on, the bigger your chances of winning!
  • Rows – The number of rows in a game describes how many symbols there are visible on each reel at a time. Online slot machines most commonly have 3 rows, but 4 is not unusual. At House of Fun, during some bonus features, the number of rows increases to give you even more opportunities to create winning combinations!
  • Ways to Win – Some games do not have paylines, but they have something called Ways to Win. These Ways to Win are calculated by how symbols land with respect to other symbols. Games commonly have 243 or 1,024 ways to win. If a game increases its number of rows, such as during the free spins feature of some of House of Fun’s games, the number of Ways to Win will go up.
  • Features – Features are what make games unique and fun. At House of Fun, there is an incredible range of features, including free spins, mini games, gold symbols, progressive jackpots, Classic Star jackpots, Rapid Fire jackpots and more.

How Mobile Slots are Unique

Mobile slots use the same RNG as online slot machines so whether you are playing on your computer or on a mobile device, every spin will be unique and fair. The games also look the same as online slot machines with great graphics and sounds, unique features and impressive bonus games. But, at House of Fun, we know you love to play on the go and have your favorite games right in your pocket with you, so we have developed our games to be played on mobile devices also. These games are designed to fit perfectly onto a smartphone or tablet screen with a specific layout and display that suits the size of the screens. The swipe and tap features of mobile devices are also perfect for slots play and these are incorporated for intuitive and simple playing. Not only that, but mobile players will have access to the same incredible progressive jackpots as online players.

Playing Slots via Mobile – The Final Say

For slots lovers, mobile slots are a windfall! Slots apps, such as House of Fun, allow you to carry around your favorite slot games wherever you go. You can whip out your smartphone or tablet whenever you have a few minutes and play games that have been especially designed for your mobile device. These have all the fairness and randomness of online slot machines, as well as all the great bonuses and features that players have come to love. If you’re wondering whether it is a good idea to play slots via mobile, the answer is a resounding yes! Simply collect your free coins and start spinning the reels to win!

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