Fire Monkey Takes House of Fun to the Realm of Luck


Let the Stars Lead Your Way to Luck This Year of the Monkey

Let’s start the Year of the Monkey with a wish: we wish that you are blessed with Chinese New Year goodness all day, every day. And to honor that wish, we give you a spectacular new game.

Play our Year of the Monkey slots casino game and fortune will surely smile at you throughout the year!

Challenge the House of Fun Zodiac now!

Start the New Chinese Year in style with our ? Year of the Monkey ?

A wealth of gold Zodiac symbols, traditional Chinese sounds and colors will transport you to an ancient magical space of Zodiac predictions. Only this time, they predict fortune and gold rewards while inviting you to uncover the secrets of the reels. Year of Monkey Bets

Take your bet by first choosing your lucky gold symbols and start spinning. Choose wisely, for the wealth star shining on you will bring you a wealth of coins, free spins and maybe even the magic jackpot.


Gold rewards from the Fire Monkey

Spin now and spin big, for the lucky zodiac wheel will bring you many chances at bonus rounds. Spin 3, 4 or 5 zodiac wheels and the lucky stars will reward you with 8, 10 or even 15 free spins.

? Enjoy the grand parade of gold and red zodiac symbols, bet more and spin more because you are under the protection of the clever golden Monkey and any 1,2 or 3 WILD cards on the 2,3 or 4 reels may trigger mega wins through the jackpot feature.

Year of the Monkey Wins   monkeyslots

In the year of the Fire Monkey, challenge yourself on the reels and spin your way to a fortune of coins.

Good luck and lucky spinning!

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