Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots

There’s no doubt that slots games have changed a ton in the last 20 years. Once, to have a good spin, you had to go down to your local slots joint, but not any more! With the advances in technology over the years, the world of slots play has changed dramatically. Now you can play your favorite slot games from any computer that has an Internet connection. Online slots can even be played on your mobile or tablet so you can have a blast on the go, wherever you are and whenever it suits you! In the last few years, slots gaming has gone a step further with the invention of social slots. Now, at sites like House of Fun, you can play for free with virtual coins and never worry about emptying your wallet! So, we can all agree that slots have changed a lot in the last 2 decades, but let’s have a closer look at how they have changed and what the advantages are for you when you play.

The Pluses of Land-Based vs. Online Slots

Let’s have a quick look at the pluses when you play a slot machine online vs when you play at a land-based venue. We’ll then go on to see, in more detail, why online slots have become so popular in the last 2 decades and why more and more people are choosing to play social slots at great online sites such as House of Fun.


Land-Based Slots:


  • Enjoy the lively environment at a land-based casino.
  • Play authentic games on traditional machines.
  • Join a fun, social atmosphere with other players.


  • Play games wherever you are and whenever it suits you.
  • Get immediate access to tons of games and features.
  • Benefit from regular new game releases.
  • Make the most of great promotions and free coins.
  • Try your hand at the mobile games which are available.


One of the biggest advantages of slots going online is the convenience that comes along with playing on your computer. All you need is an Internet connection and the world of online slots will be open to you. Now you can play your favorite slot games anywhere, any time. Want to play from your favorite chair in your pajamas? No problem! Want to grab a snack from the fridge while you’re playing? No problem! You don’t need to dress up and travel or worry about parking, food, accommodation or babysitters when you play online. It’s so simple – you can play from wherever you want and whenever it suits you, and this is even more true if you play mobile slots.

More Options than Ever

There’s a great vibe when you play slots alongside another person in a land-based venue, with bright, flashing light, lively music and sound effects, and a fun social atmosphere. But when you play land-based slots, you’re limited to the slots that are right there on the floor in front of you and those which have no other players busy with them at the time. Not true with online slots! You can choose to play any of the games on the site and there are tons to choose from. House of Fun, for example, has well over a hundred social slots right there in front of you. With tons of unique and cool features, like rapid fire jackpots, free spins, mini games and more, there is more choice than ever when you play online.

New Games

Land-based venues don’t often get new slot machines. On the other hand, new online slots are released pretty often and House of Fun goes a step further and releases a new game every week! When you visit the app, there they are right in front of you. They are so accessible – easy to find and play – and they often come with great promotions so you are promised even more fun! If you’re looking for variety, as well as new and exciting games on a regular basis, there is no comparison to online slots.

Playing on Mobile

As technology continues to advance, mobile devices have become more common and accessible, and more and more people are looking to move everything to mobile. Slots play is no different. One of the great things about online slots is that they can be developed for play on a mobile device and, in fact, they play fantastically via mobile thanks to the intuitive tap and swipe features that are unique to smartphones and tablets. House of Fun is a great example of an online site that has games that are specially designed to be played on a smartphone or tablet so that you can have your favorite games right in your pocket! There is nothing more convenient than that! Play while you’re waiting in line at the doctor or sitting in an airport lounge waiting for your flight, or just about anywhere you want! In no time at all you can be on your way to winning as you’re spinning!

Free Coins

Land-based slot venues have some promotions and bonuses for their players, but these can’t be compared to what you can expect when playing slots online. Online social slots are created to award even more free coins and free spins and these can be collected right away. A social slot machine online allows you to keep on collecting to keep on playing. These slots apps or social online slot sites will also offer free coins, free spins and other promotions so that you can get started playing with an extra boost to your coin balance. Free coins are a common benefit of online slots play so don’t hesitate to collect them when you can.

The Bottom Line

Land-based slots are fun and are still enjoyed by many people. Slots play started out this way and anyone looking for an authentic slots experience will love visiting a land-based slots venue. But, slots have moved on so much in the last 20 years, and for good reason. It’s still fun to play on a big old machine, but now there are so many more options right in front of you with online and mobile slots. Choose from hundreds of slot machine games, lots of unique features, bonuses and free spins offers, and so much more when you play online. Start spinning at House of Fun to enjoy the best of social online and mobile slots!

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