Slot Machines: The Myths vs the Facts

Playing free slot machines online can offer the same thrill as spending time in a casino. It’s all about entertainment, plus playing slots online doesn’t usually imply the risks associated with gambling. Still, with the apparition of these online slots games, all sorts of myths revolving around winning also spread all to the internet. Sure ‘tips’ and crazy slots winning ‘myths’ lead many players to disillusion and they tend to forget that the main purpose of these online slots machine is having fun. Do you enjoy slot machines? Then get informed and try to understand what exactly it is you’re playing and what you’ll get out of it.

Myth: The speed of spinning matters in the slots games outcome.

Whether you spin the slot machine reels at a standard pace or just set the spinning on fast, this won’t increase the chances of winning or the speed at which you win or lose. It just rolls the reels faster or more slowly, yet the outcome of it will be independent of that. wheel-of-fun

Fact: Randomness is the keyword

Your chances at winning at slots machines are absolutely random, because the machines themselves display random results. Players or ‘experts’ can’t employ magic solutions or complicated algorithms that would alter results in any way.

Myth: Time of Day Matters

Other than the time of day when you are bound to collect the free bonus coins usually offered within slots games, winning greater amounts of coins at certain hours of the day is just a myth. Winning at online slots machines is not dependent on the time of day, day of the week or month.  Cinderella-FullScreenPay

Fact: How much you bet matters

If you really want to influence the amounts you win, there is actually something you can easily do. Usually, betting higher triggers higher wins within the slot machine whenever a winning combo displays on the reels. The higher the bet, the bigger the amounts won. This is particularly true for all House of Fun slots machines.

Myth: The time span between winnings matters.

People believe that, for instance, if they hit a jackpot at a certain time, they will not hit another one for at least 1 hour, 2 or more, so why keep playing?! In fact, as mentioned above, each spin delivers random results and they are independent events, therefore the result of spinning will definitely be random too, it may bring lucky wins or it may bring 0 coins. beast

Fact: House of Fun slots games are intended for entertainment only, not for real money.

All House of Fun slots machines were designed with the players in mind, for them to have fun and experience the casino atmosphere from the comfort of their own home and without the risk element of real money gambling. . So take it as it really is, all fun, glamour and thrills – take the fun and enjoy it to the maximum!

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