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Slot machines are very popular worldwide and are preferred by many tourists who visit the Las Vegas casino floors every year. Several years ago, this passion for slot machines expanded in the online world, making this type of casino game more accessible from anywhere, anytime.

It’s a flashy, bright and colorful world that can sometimes seem rather complicated to the untrained eye. If you’ve just begun to discover this magic world of slots machines, here are some basic terms that throw some light onto these games and what they’re all about:

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Social casino games = Casino games played for fun, without the risk of real gambling, that replicate the atmosphere of Vegas slot machines through graphics, sounds and prizes consisting in virtual gold coins.

Bet = The number of gold coins a player needs to ‘invest’ in order to be able to start playing a slot game.

Max Bet = The maximum number of gold coins one is allowed to bet when playing an online slots game.

Payout = The number of gold coins a player wins at the end or during the social casino slot game.

Bonus = A certain number of free gold coins that is awarded to players on different occasions, as promotional offer, or when winning certain challenges inside the game itself.

Coins = The virtual currency used in social casino gaming, without real world value, but valuable inside the slot game.

Jackpot = A big prize that can be won inside the game when a certain pre-established combination of symbols appears on the slot machine reels.

Progressive Jackpot = A jackpot which increases based on the number of gold coins placed as bet by the player – the higher the bet, the bigger the jackpot that can be awarded.

Wild = A winning symbol or card within the slot game that triggers winnings when appearing in pre-established combination of symbols. It often can replace other symbols to create more winning combinations.

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