The Most Popular Mobile Slot Games of 2017

At House of Fun, we understand that selection is big part of the thrill that comes with spinning mobile slot games. That’s why we offer  a huge selection of well over 150  mobile slots for you to choose from. When you visit our slot machine app via iPhone or Android, you’ll find games with every theme imaginable, tons of progressive jackpots, extraordinary graphics and sound effects.

So, how do you go about choosing the right game for you out of all these fantastic options? The good news is that we have a list of the top 7 House of Fun slot games for 2017. Read on to find out which slots ruled House and why they were the favorites.

City of Queens

City of Queens will take you right down into the heart of Vegas with its bright lights, exciting sounds and great vibe. The main feature of this mobile slot is the jackpot which offers not one, but 4 progressive jackpots.

You’re sure to be dazzled by the map feature, which will have you collecting Scatters in a progress meter to move along the map and trigger the mini game or casino feature. Win up to 100X multipliers for a great boost to your coin balance. Aim for the re-spin feature that lets you keep on winning off a single bet, but don’t take your eyes off the free spins which can award up to 25 free spins with a full scatter reel for extra chances to win.  No wonder City of Queens was the most popular mobile slot game at House of Fun in 2017!

Bank of Jackpots

If you’re after a game that offers the chance at a massive windfall, Bank of Jackpots is it. Ranking number 2 at House of Fun in 2017, it’s  a Rapid Fire Jackpot game, as well as a Classic Star Jackpots game and it features an impressive 10 progressive jackpots. Spinning this slot will feel like the heist of the century if you make a getaway with one of those big payouts. But make sure not to miss out on the free spins feature either, which awards up to 50 free spins and plenty of extra opportunities to win. Play on your iPhone or Android to crack the game wide open.

Charming Frog

Leap into playing Charming Frog, one of the most popular mobile slots at House of Fun in 2017. This fairytale game will feel like magic as you transform symbols and aim to become the frog prince of mobile play. The free spins feature is played on a 6-row reel set for extra chances to win. Winning up to 60 free spins, together with wild prince symbols, is sure to see you hoping into big winning payouts. The Charming Frog meter is the main feature of the game and it triggers the Frog Prince bonus mini game which plays free spins with sticky wilds. Jump into a pond of big wins!

Double Rapid Fire Jackpots: Fire & Ice

Rapid Fire Jackpots are firm favorites at House of Fun and so it’s no surprise that one of the most popular mobile slot games on the app in 2017 is Double Rapid Fire Jackpots: Fire & Ice. This game will set the reels on fire and give you the chills all at once with its 2 sets of progressive jackpots. With 5 levels in each, there are an impressive 10 jackpots in the game. The Bonus Wheel adds another exciting dimension to playing and spinning the Fire or Ice wheels when the bonus is triggered will award a jackpot, a free game or a multiplier option. For a game for every season, try out Fire & Ice.

Shake the Bonsai

House of Fun has done it again with Shake the Bonsai, one of the top games in its slot machine app. You can really shake up big wins with its great features, including a surprise wild and a wild multiplier. What’s more, the unique Shake the Bonsai feature  literally shakes the tree to drop extra coins onto the reels. The free games certainly spruce things up, while the 5 Rapid Fire jackpots will have you imagining that coins really do grow on trees!

Shanghai Thunder

One of the most popular types of mobile slots at House of Fun are those that include gold symbols. Shanghai Thunder is one of those games and it’s among the most popular choices on the slot machine app. You’ll feel the boom of lucky wins as new fortunes keep exploding on the reels. Choose Your Free Spins is an exciting feature that allows you to choose the reel set for the game, but the main highlight is the 4 progressive jackpots that can pop up at any time. Aim for your lucky fortune with Shanghai Thunder.

Lady Havana

You’ll be  sure to feel like hitting the dance floor as you play the popular mobile slot, Lady Havana. The Colossal Link feature will give you even more chances to win off a single bet with its free re-spins. Fill the Super Bonus meter every time you trigger a bonus and this will lead to the Bonus Choice feature with free spins and nudging symbols. This progressive game has 4 jackpots that will keep you coming back to spin again. Everyone’s ‘Havana’ good time at House of Fun with this lively game.

The Last Word

With more than 150 unique games, you already feel like you’ve hit the jackpot just by logging in to House of Fun. Apart from the 7 games we’ve listed, there are dozens of others that promise fun together with fantastic winnings. With a new game released every week, keep your eyes open for the latest titles to join the slot machine app. Collect your free coins and start spinning the reels to become a winner today!

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