The Top Free Slot Games with Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds make every game better, right? We know that a good bonus round can turn every spin into an amazing adventure, and that’s why the team here at the House of Fun is constantly hard-at-work at creating only the most thrilling, engaging and rewarding bonus rounds for our beloved slots games. These days, slots games have evolved to such a degree that any given bonus round can easily turn into something entirely unexpected, with your original payout magically transformed into a huge jackpot with just a tiny amount of luck in the right time and place.

But how will you know where to start? After all, there really are a lot of slots games out there, however, only a select few truly deserve your undivided attention. But don’t worry, there’s no need to look any further, because you’re about to discover the House of Fun’s top free slots games that also have exciting bonus rounds waiting for you in nearly every spin!

  1. Franken Bride

Will you survive this wedding taken directly from your nightmares? You better, because on this journey you’ll uncover some of the most exciting bonus rounds you’ll ever find in a slots game. The best part? You’ll be winning so much, you just might re-think your feelings for the Franken Bride!

Free rounds in Franken Bride can be easily triggered by landing four or more Franken Bride symbols. But things get a bit more complicated (but rewarding!) in this case, because every extra Franken Bride symbol gives you an extra set of free rounds, maxing out at a total of 40 free rounds. The best part is the fact that if you’re lucky enough to land blue triggering Franken Bride symbols, they become sticky for the remainder of the feature!

  1. Gorilla Grand

Who knew that this wild slots adventure could feature such amazing bonus rounds! In this thrilling journey to very heart of the steamy jungle, you’ll get your chance to stand up to the mighty silverback and claim his massive jackpot. Just remember that playing Gorilla Grand’s bonus round are a key in unlocking the biggest possible payout!

Gorilla Grand lets you trigger free round spins through the jackpot feature, giving you anywhere between 8 and 50 bonus rounds. These bonus rounds are special because every Gorilla Grand wild symbol can multiply your prize on every spin. Better yet, bonus wheel symbols turn into gold coins that can grant you 20 more bonus rounds!

  1. Goddesses of Greece

Do you have what it takes to challenge the ancient Goddesses of Greece and their mighty powers? It’s worth the effort, because this epic journey to a long-lost time will not only grant you great power, but it will also bless you with untold coin and unimaginable treasure.

Goddesses of Greece’s bonus rounds can be easily triggered by landing the special Zeus scatter symbols. The more you collect, the more bonus rounds you can get, up to a total of a whopping 50 free bonus rounds!

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