The Top Slot Machine Games with Free Spins

It’s no mistake that these days, only the very best Vegas slots 777 games out there feature free spins. And why wouldn’t they? Not only does everyone absolutely LOVE getting a free a spin, but they just make the whole gaming experience so much better because they make everything just a little more unexpectedly rewarding. The best part about free spins these days, however, is that in the House of Fun’s free spin slots games, there’s often so much more than just free spins being handed out, there are also huge jackpots, payouts and exciting twists that can turn your latest spin into a shockingly big and unexpected prize!

So, which slots games are the very best of the best when it comes to free spins? Let’s dig deep into the House of Fun’s best games and find out which give you more free spins and bigger jackpots!

Thundering Thor

Leave it to Asgard’s mighty prince to give us some of the most exciting free spins ever seen in slots games history! Join Thor on his thrilling adventure and hammer-down progressive jackpots that can shake the very earth beneath you!

Thundering Thor New Game

In Thundering Thor, getting free spins is a piece of cake! Just land 3-6 scatter symbols to instantly get a maximum of 50 free spins. But things getting even more interesting in Thundering Thor, because free spins can be re-triggered with more scatters!


Adorbs! Isn’t just about our cute and furry friends, it’s also about getting more free spins in one of the most charming and rewarding slots games to ever exist! Shower your loyal pup with sugar, spice, and everything nice as you pamper it with sticky wilds and progressive jackpots.

Adorbs cover

So, how do the free spins work in Adorbs, you ask? Easy! Landing 8 or more a kennel symbols to get 8 free spins, with additional kennels letting you go all the way up to 100 free spins! But now things start getting interesting – getting more than 20 free spins lets convert your extra free spins into multipliers, meaning that your free spins become THAT much more rewarding!

Classic Cash 777

Classic Cash 77 is a must for anyone that appreciates a good free spin! But first, let’s find out why this classy, Vegas-style slots game is so popular now. Classic Cash 777 truly brings the Las Vegas strips to you and brings it to life with amazing sights and sounds. It’s packed with ginormous wins and a few mysteries as well – all you need to do is land that precious dollar symbol to find out why Classic Cash 777 is easily one of the biggest favorites of 2018!

classic cash 777 cover

Classic Cash 777 handles free spins in a very generous, but straightforward way. You can start with 8 free spins once you land 9 or more Classic Cash scatter symbols, but Classic Cash 777 brings in the numbers once you land 21 scatter symbols. Doing that will get you a whopping 250 free spins!

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