What Are the Best Slots Games for Android Phones?

When it comes to playing slots on your Android phone or tablet, look no further than the House of Fun! Our total obsession with slots has driven to us to make a name for ourselves by creating some of the most visually-striking and rewarding games of the slots genre, and it’s time you got to know what all the fuss is about, now on your Android phone!

Before we dig in, it’s best to understand why playing slots on your android device is quite possibly the very best way to have fun these days. Thanks to the amazing advances in mobile technology, we here at the House of Fun have the freedom to create slot games that are better looking, offer more hours of endless fun, and best of all, are far more rewarding that ever before! Thanks to the power of Android in your hand, you finally have the opportunity to experience the stunning graphics that have made the House of Fun a household name. Discover hundreds of captivating games with more added every week for your endless enjoyment!

So, without further ado, let’s find out which of House of Fun’s slot games you should be playing on your Android phone!

Glorious Egypt

Take a trip to 3,000 BC and discover the wondrous riches of the Ancient Egyptians! Uncover archaic mysteries and travel alongside history’s most infamous Egyptian pharaohs as you acquire invaluable treasure. Are you the next Indiana Jones? It’s time to become the world’s most courageous grave-robber with free spins, progressive jackpots and the notorious Tutankhamen Wild!

Glorious Egypt Bet

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Queen of the Dead

Will you become the next Queen of the Dead? It’s to take an exciting trip to the “other side” as you fight your way back to the land of the living with winning combinations, up to 50 free spins and of course the netherworld’s most notorious wild symbol: The Queen of the Dead! Beware, fellow traveler, because this just might be the spookiest jackpot you can win!

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Frankenstein Rising

Oh no, what will you do?! Frankenstein, the sinful creation of a mad and deranged scientist has made its way to your Android phone to haunt the living with huge jackpots, free spin games and the infamous sticky wilds! Beware of “It’s Alive!”, the spookiest way to multiply your progressive by 200 for an insane jackpot!

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Gorilla Grand

Are you ready to unleash your wild side and discover the hidden treasure of your own personal jungle? It’s time to embrace the animal hiding within your Android phone and claim your place as king of the lush jungle! Find more jackpots, more free spins and huge multipliers that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

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Goddess of Greece

Do you have what it takes to harness the powers of the gods and claim the most legendary jackpots ever created? The Goddess of Greece takes you back thousands of years to explore an ancient and hidden past, where the very roots of science, art and philosophy will come to your aid as you scale Mount Olympus for the grandest prizes the gods have ever seen!

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Mermaid Mischief

Your android phone is about to transport you to the deepest stretches of the ocean, where only the finest loot awaits you! Discover the gorgeous mermaids that have claimed this underwater kingdom as their own, complete with abundant buried treasure, free spins and the prettiest progressive jackpot of them all: “Live the Dream!”

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Down Under Gold

You asked for it, and we delivered! The Australian outback offers countless mysteries and prizes that will keep you glued to the screen! Become Bruce, our young hero, as he uncovers the lost continent’s most mysterious treasure and wildlife, now finally available on your Android phone with more free spins, multiplier wilds and Super Jackpots!

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Beauty of the Nile

Beauty of the Nile game

Ah, the ancient beauty of the world’s first female Pharaoh is deceiving! Join Cleopatra and together uncover the Nile’s greatest treasure. But be warned, dear traveler: There’s danger behind every turn, but the rewards are too great leave behind! Unleash 5 progressive jackpots, free spins and the high-paying double symbols for the biggest win of them all!

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Wild Chilli

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just you? Allow us to spice up your Android phone with a slots game so hot, you’ll never look back! Get to know the Rapid Fire progressive jackpots and collect 3 sun bonus symbols to win more free spins! Ready for more excitement? Just increase the bet and win the Wild Chilli jackpot for a prize so hot you just might get scorched to the bone!

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Dark Jaguar

dark jaguar slot machine

Discover the Jungle’s dark side with Dark Jaguar and hear the winning roar that will send chills down your spine! It’s time to embrace your wild side and discover a part of nature we almost forgot about in these modern times, now with free spin bonus rounds and the Dark Jaguar progressive jackpot!

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Let the games begin!

House of Fun is here to make sure that your gaming experience is second to none, with our finest creations now finally available on your Android phone! You’re ready to turn your mobile device into the best slot machine in the world! Choose carefully, because huge prizes await you at the House of Fun!

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