What Are the Best Slots Games for the iPhone?

Looking for the best slots games for your iPhone? Well you’ve come to the right place! The House of Fun is home to hundreds of beautifully-crafted slots games that are specifically designed for your iPhone, giving you the chance to bring the Franken Bride along with you for the best ride you’ll ever have!

Here at the House of Fun, we’re absolutely obsessed with slots games! That means that we dig deeper, work harder and spend less hours sleeping to ensure that our slots games are prettier, more engaging, and best of all, are more rewarding than any other game on any other phone! Unlock your iPhone’s true potential as the world’s best slot machine with the House of Fun, now available in the App Store. But why are iPhone slot games only here now? It took time, but the technology is finally here to let us unleash our creative minds with full force! We now have access to better graphics, more realistic sounds and the best user interface in the gaming industry!

So, what will you play? Ah… a tough choice indeed! Let us help decide with very best slot games for your iPhone!

Fairy Bliss slot machineIt’s time to travel to a hidden magical forest where nothing is what it seems! Mystery and excitement await you behind every corner as you use the power of magic to win more spins, win bigger magical jackpots, and take advantage of the special re-spin feature for a truly mesmerizing gaming experience!

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  1. Down Under Gold

Set out on the journey of a lifetime as you explore the Australian outback! Bruce, our young and capable hero, is up against the wildest forces of nature in a journey full of mystery, adventure, and winning! Will this unknown continent be end of our hero? Help Bruce uncover the biggest secrets with more free spins, multiplier wilds and Super Jackpots!

down under gold slot machine

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  1. Beauty of the Nile

Join Cleopatra for a huge adventure fit for an iPhone! The beauty of the Nile can be very deceiving, hiding bountiful treasure and jackpots behind every twist and turn. But the question is, will you make it far enough to win all 5 progressive jackpots, free spins and the mighty double symbol? Test your courage now!

Beauty of the Nile slot machine

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  1. Queen of the Dead

The Queen of the Dead is back to haunt your iPhone! Travel to the netherworld and experience the chilling horrors that follow the world’s most exciting jackpots! Many have attempted this journey, but only few have ventured far enough to win their way back to the land of living with killer combos, 50 free spins the Queen of the Dead wild!

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  1. Immortal Wilds

Venture back in time to an era where magnificent gods reigned supreme on this earth and uncover long-lost treasures that haven’t been seen since! Do you have what it takes to challenge the Zeus Hades and Poseidon, the most powerful of the gods?  Win up to 5000 coins in a single jackpot!

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  1. Gorilla Grand

It’s time to unleash the wild side hiding within you and to discover the secret fortunes hiding in every corner of the jungle! Challenge the biggest and maddest Silverback of the jungle to claim your right to his grand jackpot, now with more free spins and huge multipliers for a truly epic iPhone slots game!

gorilla grand slot machine

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  1. Goddess of Greece

Will you harness the powers of the ancient gods and make your way to very top of Mount Olympus, where only grandest of jackpots await you? Head over to the App Store to start an unforgettable journey to the old world, where free games and transferring wilds will amaze you with bigger prizes on every round!

Goddesses of Greece slot machine

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  1. Dark Jaguar

Our dark hero lays waiting in the Jungle, watching your every move! Let the chills travel down your spine as you fight your way to bigger prizes, free spins and the biggest jackpot of the Jungle: The Dark Jaguar Progressive! Will you survive nature’s wrath long enough to win the grand prize?

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  1. Honey Gold

Ready for a BUZZ? Get to know the sweet taste of victory as you stack up to 200 free spins on the House of Fun’s biggest bee-nanza! Become the busiest bee of the garden with more excitement, better graphics and realistic sound, now available on your iPhone!

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  1. Mermaid Mischief

Your iPhone is turning into a magical submarine! Explore the deepest and most dangerous parts of the ocean, where bounties of treasure have been left behind by explorers of old! Will you be the one to discover the biggest treasure of all? Beware of the Mermaid’s beauty, for it is has deceived many a traveler before!

mermaid mischief slot machine

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