What is HoF Legends?

HOF Legends is a collectible feature in House of Fun and is available for a limited time. There are eight Legends to collect, that each give rewards along the way. In order to check your progress and time left, enter HoF Legends by clicking on the widget, located on the left side of the screen.

HoF legends collection

Extra info

  • If you are connected on Facebook, your progress will be saved across all your connected devices.
  • Upon completion, you can start over and win the rewards 7 times more.
  • Legends, chests or medals are not tradeable among friends or exchangeable for coins.


Depending on the Rank of the Legend, there are 3 types of rewards:

  • Rank Up Rewards – each Legend Rank Up gives a coin reward
  • Rank 5 Rewards – reaching the top rank of any Legend gives BIGGER coin rewards
  • GRAND REWARD – is won after reaching RANK 5 on all Legends

HOF legends in game prize 10M

What are chests?

Chests are items that store Medals which help you Rank Up your Legends.

How to obtain chests:

  • While spinning in any game
  • On certain level ups
  • By purchasing coin packs
  • Free chests twice a day

There are 4 types of chests:

Any overflow of Medals after reaching Rank 5 in any Legend, are collected in the Extras Bonus Chest. Once filled, a Diamond Chest is won!

Look for a red badge number displayed next to the chests on the Legends main screen to see how many available chests you have.

HOF legends win and collect chests

What are medals?

Medals are found inside chests. The medals are randomly distributed in chests; with a higher chance of receiving Epic medals through Diamond chests.

Each medal has a symbol on it for its corresponding Legend. As an example, below you can see that King Neptune has a trident symbol on his medals.

What do ‘common, rare, epic’ mean?

These terms represent the rarity of medals for each Legend, from Common to Epic.

  • Redbeard, King Trident and Gene are ‘Common’
  • Puss, Leo and Misty are ‘Rare’
  • Cleo and Zeus are ‘Epic’

HOF legend zeus

What is rank up?

  • Ranking up is the upgrading of a Legend, until reaching the highest possible rank of 5.
  • Legends can be Ranked Up through accumulating medals, which are found in chests.

What is the Trophy Room and how do I access it?

The Trophy Room is the Legends Hall of Fame and is accessible through HoF Legends main screen and HoF’s top bar menu.

Legends will be displayed in the Trophy Room when they reach Rank 4.

HOF legend chest

What happens to my progress and the Trophy Room when HoF Legends is over?

After HoF Legends expires, your progress will not be saved, but you will be able to see the upgraded Legends you have ranked to levels 4 and 5 in your Trophy Room.

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