HOF Game Questions and Answers

HOF Game Questions and AnswersRecently, House of Fun offered its loyal players a premiere – Q&A live with 2 of Hof’s super skilled Account Managers, Paul and Leon. The interaction was great and our players’ reaction was overwhelmingly positive – we’re planning to repeat the experience, so stick around for more coming soon!

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Let’s see what curiosities our players had and some of the topics touched upon during the live Q&A:

Q: Do you guys actually play the HOF games yourself?” (Robin C., Oklahoma)

A: Of course we do! Otherwise we wouldn’t have any clue on how to guide you when there’s an issue… We receive a lot of emails from you guys, about the winning symbol combinations that you like and so on – we would not have any clue about it if we weren’t playing this slots game ourselves. So, the answer is definitely yes! We are also gamers, so we play House of Fun not only because we work here, but because we like it, plain and simple.

Q: Who created the ideas for the House of Fun games, or did you all create these games together? Whoever, you all have done a fantastic thing, keep up the good work, oh, and by the way, I sure would like more coins, have a great day. “ (Sharon R., Iowa)

A: Thank you, Sharon! We have a dedicated creative team, they create the games, they think of the concepts, look at what’s popular on the casino gaming floors, but it’s a more complex process… There are 3 different sides of this – first there is the feedback we receive from you, then there’s the feedback we give ourselves based on our discussions and your feedback, and the final part is up to the design team – they take your feedback and our feedback and they put together a new game. All of us give 100% to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Q: What’s it like working for HOF?” ( many wanted to know!)

A: HOF is a challenging and fantastic working place, there is no day like the previous one. HOF is always about “expect the unexpected”, an amazing work place with amazing colleagues. We enjoy it, we enjoy talking to people and chatting, it’s like the saying “do what you love so you don’t have to work a day in your life”, it’s doing what and how we like it, but bound by common sense and professionalism.

Q:How do you communicate with people all over the world?” (Jody W., Nebraska)

A: We’ve got players from all over the world, so 90% of the time we communicate in English, for the rest – we use a bit of French, German, Spanish, in fact… we use a great tool called Google Translate…


Q: What’s your job?(Talona P., Iowa)

A: We’re your friends, we’re here for you whenever you need help or you want to talk about something, not only House of Fun – related, not just slots games – related…

Q: Why not keep all the games?” (Many questions around this topic!)

A: We’re launching new games every week, and as we do this, we cannot keep all the old games running. There are 2 reasons for this:

First, the game would be gigantic, would have lags, act unnatural, freeze or refresh all the time… To put it in a simpler way, when you open the game, the browser downloads some part of it to your computer and if these downloads are too big, lengthy, the game may start to freeze. We don’t want that, we want the users to have a fluid experience, the best one possible. We know from you, our friends, it is so and we want to keep it this way or even improve it. That’s why we always ask for feedback, so if you ever have any feedback at all, suggestions, just send us our way and we’ll do our best to shape the game according to your desires. Second – we usually take out games that are played less, or that people like less, but this decision is based on a very thorough analysis. We are sorry, we know some of you will be disappointed by such decisions, but we always strive to offer better games instead.

There have been many nice thoughts sent our way from our loyal players, we mention some of them here below and thank everyone for joining and sharing thoughts with us. Till next time!

“Hey guys! I think this was a really good idea – not only can we ask? But we also see who we’re talking to. I talk to Paul and Anna quite a bit and I must say you guys are awesome. I really enjoy playing HOF, but like any game it makes me mad, but I think u all should do this live once a week just to see what your players have to say and keep up the good work. Love HOF!” (Seniece G., Illinois)

“I did not get to participate live but enjoyed watching/listening. Two things I want to share. Please do not follow some of the trends that I am seeing in casinos across the US. Many of the new machines are nothing but money-suckers unless you hit the rare big win. Often 3-of-a-kind will pay only a few cents on a $1.00 play. My friends and I seek out older games that play much like most of the existing HOF. Of all the online slots, HOF is the only one that I play regularly.”(Lynn B., West Virginia)

“My favorite game site. This is the only one I play. HOF.” (Patricia A. F., Tennessee)